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Science and Technology Class


Ready for the future!


We can provide your education setting with a website to match your vision. Our designers have worked in education for many years and therefore have a great understanding of the specific needs to excite your target audience. We use WiX web creation technology and will work closely with your education setting to design the perfect website for you. We are a company that highly values education, our competitive prices reflect our desire to provide this high quality service at remarkably low price.


We recognise the need for digital templates and digital information creation. We can create your brochures, newsletters, handbooks, posters, flyers and any form of template you may need. 


When you need to create engaging content through video or images, why not let Team Active do al the hard work. Promote your education setting the right way and build your brand name through the successful implementation of social media and marketing strategies. Our expertise in education and media marketing will ensure that you stand out as the best.


Times are changing and now more than ever, the impactful use of technology is a must for all education settings. We can train staff and pupils to use various Microsoft technologies, apps and other software. Get more engagement in the classroom, save money and time and future proof your education setting with Team Active

"You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward."

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